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Christmas Exclusive Bundle Set


This craft kit is thoughtfully curated with 'You' in mind. Pastel colour was our popular theme for last year's christmas and generally a colour hues our customers would pick for a giftset.


This bestie craft kit bundle features our best-selling products – Preserved Flowers Trinket Holder and Coaster. With an enhanced version, pastel marble wax seal for a unique personalised touch. It has all the materials provided. We have also included a pretty quart crystal plate for your candle and wax seal stove to prevent damaging your table during the crafting process.


You can also use the functional quart crystal plate to DIY more wax seal using the remaining wax tablets on any craft projects. It works well as a coaster too!


You are able to craft 1 set of our signature trinket holder, 1 set of coaster together and melt a beautiful pastel marble wax seal together with your bestie.


Learn to be more conscious and mindful of this creative process with your bestie, allowing you to appreciate the art of slow-crafting amidst our day-to-day hustle.


This bundle includes:

• 1x Preserved Flowers (Pastel Theme)
• 2x Trinket Acrylic Pieces
• 2x Coaster Acrylic Pieces
• 1x Wax Tablets
• 2x Wax Seal Stamp
• 2x Melting Spoon
• 1x Melting Stove
• 3x Flakes (Rose Gold/Gold/Silver)
• Instructional Sheet
• Design Templates
• 2x White Drawing Marker
• 1x Candle


Fun tip: Choose 1 of the product inside the kit to DIY for your bestie and gift exchange with each other for surprise element.


Bringing our stationery bar directly to your doorstep. This craft kit is beginner-friendly and suits all age groups. Children below 12 will need parental guidance. The final outcome of your personal creation will be a craft that is beautiful, meaningful and functional. Stay connected with your loved ones with this great gift!


Excited to see your creation!


You choose, we curate, you create – Let your creative juices flow.
Designed and Handcrafted by mylin design & co.

Preserved Flowers Bestie Extensive Craft Kit

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