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ABOUT mylin design & co.

mylin design & co. is a creative studio made out of wildest dreams and
minimalism. Our works are inspired by nature. We speak the language of design and craft to bring delicate and meticulous details into every little thing we create.

Founded as mylin design & co., the brand not only provides design services for weddings but also caters to corporate designing needs.

With the belief in making a difference in everyday life through designing
and crafting, we turn beautiful and meaningful works into positive impacts
and bring connections to the people we serve.

Everything in mylin design & co. is meticulously handcrafted and designed by its founder, Mylin.

Mylin graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts and worked in several design agencies before she embarked on this new journey. She is adept in different areas of design. In addition to print design, she also has the skill sets for digital media design.

Started off as a desire to help her friends in customising their dream weddings and complementing the once-in-a-lifetime occasion with her designs, Mylin later on realised that she can’t resist doing more.

With the belief in making a difference in every day life through designing, mylin design & co. is committed to deliver beautiful and meaningful design works that can bring about positive impacts and connections to the people it serves.


Our world consists of everything exquisite, sweet and bitter, mixture ofmess, laughter and wild adventure. We colour out of the box – intentionally.Looking for one-of-a-kind? Come create wonder with us as we weave your wedding vision into reality!

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